• Delta Church has been an integral part of the community in North Delta, British Columbia since the late 1960’s. The people who've made up Delta Church through those years have consistently experienced God in their lives and their families and involved themselves in making their community a better place.


    Through the years people people have had genuine and life-changing experiences of the grace, mercy, forgiveness and (best of all!) love of God. It's their story that the Holy Spirit has filled them so that they can fulfill His purpose for their lives to be His Image-bearers in their families, at work and in their communities ... and that's just what they've done! Throughout the years, leaders have been identified and developed and sent to many different places to tell others about Jesus. It’s a great story that’s continuing into the future as together we endeavor to live in North Delta and the Lower Mainland (the place we call home) as a People of Blessing.