Dr. Jeff Beck


     What is your role here: Pastor

     Family Status: Married to Pat with four adult kids: Andrew (Catreana), Michael, Marie,  Tricia

     Dream Travel Destination: Thailand (I  really enjoy Thai food)

     When not at work, one might find you: kayaking, riding a bicycle, golfing, walking

     Most 'out of comfort zone' food tried: Liver and Onions

     Go to Bible passage: Proverbs 16:9


     Pastor Katrina Schmidt


     What is your role here: Young Adults and Community Pastor

     Family Status: Married to Jonathan!

     Dream Travel Destination: Marrakech, Morocco

     When not at work, one might find  you: Baking or kayaking or Netflixing or painting

     Most 'out of comfort zone' food tried: Raw Goat

     Go to Bible passage: Isaiah 30:18-22  



    Pastor Jonathan Schmidt


     What is your role here: Student Ministries  Pastor

     Family Status: Married to Katrina 

     When not at work, one might find  you: Working on my motorcycle, fishing,  mountain  biking, skiing, and enjoying the  outdoors.

     Most 'out of comfort zone'  food tried: Braised Ox Tongue

     Go to Bible passage: Romans


    William Lam


     What is your role here: Director of Worship Ministry

     Family Status: Married to my amazing wife, Amber

     Dream Travel DestinationI've got the travel bug, and I primarily want to travel to places I've  never been before. I definetely want to return to Newcastle in England, to some small towns in  Germany, and Australia. 

     When not at work, one might find you: At the gym or our local friendly neighborhood Scott  72nd Starbucks

     Go to Bible passage: Philippians